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When Should You Replace Your Garage Door?

You want your garage door to be in top condition all of the time. A quality garage door needs to be robust enough to withstand a lot of damage and it should also be resilient against the elements. The garage door also needs to be completely secure with sophisticated locks in order to prevent thieves from breaking inside and stealing your valuables. The door also needs to be easy to use, so an electric door is preferable to a manual one.

There comes a time when you might need to have the garage door replaced with a brand new one. You should look at a wide range of different garage doors before you make the final decision.

What are the signs that your garage door needs to be replaced as soon as possible?

The Door Has Dents

Insulated roller garage doors can become dented for a number of different reasons. Firstly, you might bump into it when you are reversing the car on the driveway. This is an extremely common problem and can make the door much less stable. These dents can also be caused by people kicking objects against the garage door as they are walking past your house. Even the smallest dent can soon grow rapidly in size, so you should have the door replaced as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary.

The Paint On The Door Has Started To Flake Off

You want your garage door to look as attractive as possible. This can increase the “kerb appeal” of your house when you are trying to sell it. People will stop to admire your garage door if it is in perfect condition.

However, poor-quality garage doors can become damaged by the elements. You might notice that the paint is starting to peel off. The paint should be reapplied in an even coating, or you should have the entire garage door replaced with a brand new one.

The Locks Are Broken

A garage door needs to provide the utmost security for the possessions which you are storing inside. This means that you should buy a replacement if the locks are broken. The locks can become broken for a variety of different reasons: the garage door could have been hit by a falling object, or someone may have tampered with the locks so that they can break inside at a later date.

You should inspect the locks on a regular basis to make sure that they are in perfect condition. Replace the door if the locks are not working properly.

The Electric Motor Has Stopped Working

Electric garage doors are meant to offer you convenience. However, if the motor becomes jammed then the door will not work properly. This can be incredibly inconvenient, especially if you need to be in and out of the garage on a regular basis. You should search for a new garage door if the motor stops working.

You should regularly inspect your garage door to check for problems.