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What is Causing Leaky Taps and Blocked Drains?

Plumbing problems can occur even in the most well-maintained plumbing system. Problems can start off small and build over a long period of time. Even the smallest problems have the capacity to grow very quickly into plumbing emergencies. You need to make sure you recognise the danger of some small problems that could quickly grow into big problems. For example, a leaky tap could just be a sign that you need to tighten the fixture; alternately, it could be a sign that something has gone completely wrong. Here are some common problems and what they could portend.

Blocked Drains

Your plumbing system brings in water from your municipal source or from a well. That water is then distributed to different taps in your house. After the water goes down the drains, it is recollected in a sewer main or your septic tank. Determining how many drains are blocked will determine if you need plumbing services in Central Coast. If only one drain is clogged, it is likely a localised problem. At that point, which drain it is will determine the most likely scenario.

If your bathtub and shower drain is clogged, there is likely soap and hair that have built up in the drain. You can fix that in one of two ways. You can use a liquid router that will dissolve the hair and flush it down the drain. You should only use a liquid router that has been approved by professional plumbers. Alternately, you can use a drain snake to reach into the pipe and pull out the clog. Make sure this one is approved by plumbers as well so as not to damage your pipes. However, if multiple drains are clogged, that’s likely a problem farther in the sewer main. You need to address that quickly to prevent it from turning into a serious sewer problem.

Leaky Taps

Your taps can be leaky for many different reasons as well. As with the blocked drains, the number of leaky taps is very important. If one tap is leaking, that could be a sign that something inside the faucet has worn down and is no longer sealing properly. Alternately, it could mean that you simply need to tighten up a bolt that closes the tap. You can often do this without the help of a professional. However, if there is a large amount of water draining from the leaking tap, you will need a professional.

Furthermore, if you have multiple taps that are leaking, you could have a problem with the amount of pressure that is being placed on your taps from the water main. On the other hand, it could be something about your water that is damaging the internal components of your taps. If you have hard water, especially if it comes from a well, it could be eroding the faucet components, causing them to prematurely fail. If you have multiple leaking faucets or a single leaking faucet that you can’t fix, you may need a professional.