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What Does Tree Grinding Involve?

When you need to have a tree in your back garden removed, this can be done by a qualified tree surgeon. They are going to use a variety of methods to make sure that the tree is removed quickly and safely.

First, they are going to prune the leaves to make sure that they are all removed. They will cut off the branches to make sure that none of them is hanging down. Then they will methodically cut the trunk down to size until just the stump and the roots are left.

Once they have got the trunk down to size, then the tree surgeon will grind the stump and the roots. What does tree grinding involve?

The Stump Cutter Chips Away The Trunk Of The Tree

When the stump of the tree is exposed it is hard for it to be dug directly out of the ground. This means that a stump cutter will be deployed. This has a rotating wheel with teeth on the outside that cut into the wood and reduce it to chippings.

The tree surgeon will make sure that they use a quality machine. When a stump cutter is high-quality, this tree stump removal in Perth is not going to take long at all. After the stump has been ground down successfully, the next phase of the process can begin.

The Wood Chippings Are Then Saved In Bags

The wood chippings are not just going to be thrown away after the stump has been ground down. Instead, the wood chippings will be collected and saved in bags. The chippings have a wide variety of different uses. They can be used in a compost heap or you might want to spread them on the soil in your garden.

After the wood chippings have been dealt with, the next phase of the process can begin.

The Roots Are Dug Up And Ground Down

Roots often do not pose any problems. However, they might start to grow and disrupt the garden. In some extreme cases, the roots will interfere with the foundations of the house. After the stump has been removed and ground down, the final part of the process can begin.

The tree surgeon will make sure that they dig all of the roots out from the ground. Instead of throwing them away, they will grind them down completely using the chipper.

Regular Inspections Are Carried Out

A tree surgeon will arrange for follow-up inspections to take place once the tree has been removed. This is so that the ground can be inspected for any signs of lasting damage after the tree has been ground down and then pulled out by its roots.

When you hire a tree surgeon, they will make sure that the trunk of the tree is ground down into fine wood chippings. They will be able to do this quickly with the help of a machine. Then they will make sure that all the roots have been dug out.