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prefabricated homes

Tips on making prefab house that is affordable and eco-friendly

What is a prefab house? Well, a prefab home or a modular home is an indoor house built to combat with all types of climatic conditions. The modular homes are usually built offsite and then assembled onsite. It can be again reassembled in a new location but there are laws and regulations for that. The prefab is the acronym for prefabricated home. The term is now getting more and more popular all over the world, especially in Europe and USA. The prefab homes are easy to build and easy to maintain as well.

The benefits of using a prefab home

  • Building modular homes is much easier than building a traditional house because they require lesser time for complete construction. They are more affordable in nature because they are built in a controlled location.
  • The modular homes actually save money because of the shorter time it requires to be built.
  • The resale value and the instalments of the home loans for the prefab home are equal to any normal house. And in reality the modular homes are more eco-friendly.
  • The modular homes are more environment friendly in nature and require low maintenance cost.
  • The prefab house is very much expandable in nature like every other normal home.
  • There are various choices among the modular homes. Architects and designers play extremely important roles in modular home builder companies. The products are thoroughly checked. Every minute detail is scrutinized in every step to make sure that the house is safe and can withstand any kind of adversities of nature.
  • The expenses of making prefab homes are much more predictable than a normal house because these houses are built in a factory like environment where the labor cost and the expenses are controlled.
  • The modular homes are very easy to install in any kind of land, it can withstand any kind of adversities of nature.
  • The designers and the builders make sure that the designs are sustainable and user friendly. The designers always prepare multiple designs as per the suitability so that the home owners can choose from a wide range of variety.
  • The prefab homes are widely accepted in the whole world. The exclusive design and the user friendly structure have made them an instant hit.

Differences with an ordinary house

There are various differences between a normal house and a modular home.

  • The normal houses are built on foundation and the modular houses are built in a factory like environment and later they are just assembled by the builders in the allocated place.
  • The expansion of a normal house is possible but the options are very limited without demolishing the original foundation, but the prefab houses are very easy to expand because of the make shift structure.
  • The prefab homes are movable they can be moved from one place to another.
  • The prefab homes can only be built in the places where it is legal whereas the real homes can be built anywhere.
  • The resale value of a prefab house is higher than the normal house.
  • The plumbing and the sanitation system has to be built separately with the prefab homes whereas in the normal houses it is a part of the construction.
  • The construction of a modular house includes various parts which are assembled together by the builder. In case of a normal construction the parts are built in the location itself.

The prefab houses are growing more and more popular these days. The user friendly design and the hassle free construction are the main reasons for its popularity. The companies are flexible and the high quality prefab homes can be produced and build only within 2-4 weeks.

Hope you will find it informative, explore free online resources to learn more about prefab homes.