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The Favorite Recycling Hacks

As consumerism peaks, so does wastage. Do you have stuff at home which you wish to reuse and recycle instead of wasting it? Well, we have some great recycling hacks just for you.

Food Hacks

  • Do you often cook vegetables? Do you peel and chop them and end up with a lot of scraps, such as stems; peels; bits and pieces? Use our recycling hacks to reuse them instead of throwing these in the scrap bin.

Here’s what you can do!

Store the scraps in a zip lock bag and throw the bag in a deep freezer. Next, thaw the scraps and put them in a pot of boiling hot water. Cover the pot with a lid and let it simmer till a thick broth is formed. Next, switch off the heat and let the pan stay covered till cool.
Then, strain the broth and store it in a freezer. You can put the broth in an ice tray and freeze it as little cubes. Every time you need to cook soup or where the recipe calls for a broth, pull out a couple of cubes and throw them into the pot.
Thus, you not only avoid wastage, you also make productive use of it.

Bio - Waste Hacks

Use the 5 R’s

  • Refuse –When you don’t need a product, such as one-use plastic; junk food, etc., refuse to buy it!
  • Reduce – Reduce material needs, such as food, and clothes
  • Reuse – Reuse leftovers; old clothes; plastics; containers. E.g. Use only reusable products, such as cloth shopping bags; carry ceramic coffee mugs to your office & café’s, where they use Styrofoam glasses.
  • Recycle –If you have a product, which you did not refuse, reuse, or reduce; then separate it for recycling. Such as old medicine bottles, or magazine, and newspapers which you haven’t used.
  • Rot – Finally, instead of dumping the vegetables and food, let it rot in a compost pit, or compost bin. Compost bins help you create bio-waste to be used as fertilizer, or as soil. You can even use it as cat litter. Compost bins, when modified can help create bio-fuel to run your stove or heater.

House- hold hacks

  • Wash your used food tins or soda cans to reuse. You can store pencils, painting brushes, or make up brushes, cutlery, etc. You can cover the original label with old cloth or decorative paper, to make them look attractive.
  • Do not throw away plastic bags which come as packaging, or as carry bags. Reuse where you can. Or use them to wrap things in storage to avoid damp feeling.
  • If you use cans, use the can tab with your hangers to loop hangers together. Remove the can tab and let it slip through a hanger. Now, hang the next hanger through the can tab, thus creating multiple coat hangers through one and saving space at the same time.
  • Use old wooden crates, or packaging boxes, as decorative elements. You can put aroma candles or flowers in them.