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Photo Frames - Reviving Your All Memories living at Your Place

Photo frames are objects that see all around us, right from the time we are young we see them in our homes, schools, colleges and various places like museums, art galleries, public places etc. in fact there are very few places where we do not come across walls which do not have photo frames. Many memories from the past are captured in photographs and framed in order to preserve them for future generations. Photo frames in public places and museums containing pictures of important events or pictures of famous personalities remind of our past.

Objects Of Art

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Basically, the photo frames are either made of wood or in some cases with metal which have a sturdy sheet at the back on which the photograph is fixed, the front portion is covered with clear glass in which photographs are framed; this will protect them from light and moisture, either of which can spoil the photograph. Although the basic use of a frame is to protect the photograph inside it, it also enhances the appearance of it. A beautifully decorated frame is not only a piece of art in itself; it enhances the overall appearance of both, the frame as well as the photograph inside which draws the attention of viewers towards it. Many photo frames are made with decorative wooden outer frames which are either carved or painted; there are many craftsmen who specialize in making decorative photo frames which is a small scale industry in itself. Frames made with metals like brass, copper or even silver which have designs on them in order to give them an attractive look are also widely used. Photo frames make walls look more attractive as they break the staid and monotonous look of them. Frames have hooks/rings fixed to their top or back enabling them to be put on walls so that they can be exhibited.

Different Types Of Photo Frames

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Photo frames need not be mounted on walls only, many different types of frames are also available with the most popular one being table top frames. These frames have a long strip made of stiff material fixed to the back of the frame with a hinge, on moving the strip on its hinge it forms an angled support to the frame, these frames are usually displayed at an angle. Another type of table top frame is one that has a broad piece of stiff material attached horizontally to the bottom of the frame, in this way the frame can be displayed at a straight 90-degree angle. Your photo frames with short chains attached to the top are used mostly in vehicles or are fixed to doorways. Frames which sway or move on their rings or hooks due to strong gusts of wind are fitted with double sided gum strips where one side of the gummed strip is stuck to the frame and the other side is stuck to the wall, this prevents the frame from swaying.

Reminding Us Our Past

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Photo frames preserve our history since many events of the past which have an effect on our present are preserved for posterity, our children and grandchildren can clearly see the pictures of events that have shaped our culture, politics, and society. Famous personalities like philosophers, artists from various fields and social reformers etc., whose ways of thinking have had an impact on the present generation can be preserved for future generations. Photos preserved in frames also give us an idea about various aspects about the past like dressing styles, structures and buildings which were for specific or general use and various other aspects which would otherwise have been forgotten. Events of our personal life like marriages, birthdays or other important events which are preserved in a wonderful photo frames stay with us throughout our lifetime.