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New windows for an Old House

When it comes time to replace those old drafty windows in an even older house you have to shop around. You need to find a reputable company that you can trust and will warranty and guarantee their work.

Shopping Around

When you make the decision to look for local window replacement Houston TX, it may be a good idea to have a few preferred window styles in mind. If you’ve already determined the type of window that you would like to have installed, look for companies that are familiar with that type of install, and make sure your existing window condition will accommodate your preferred style. However, if you don’t that shouldn’t stop the process. Any window replacement company can show you what they have available and what would be the most suitable for the style and condition of your home.

Set a Budget

Money determines will determine the style and type of windows that you can afford. Set a budget for yourself and make sure that the style of windows that you want do not exceed that budget. This may take some extra research and price comparisons so that you get the best deal for your budget.

Energy Efficiency

Make sure that the new windows are energy efficient. You need windows that will keep the heat out during the summer months and the cool air in. Conversely, you need windows that are going to keep your family toasty and warm during those cold winter nights. Energy Star qualified windows can make that possible.

The Condition of Your Windows

When replacing a window the entire frame as well as the casing must be looked at. If your window frames and sills are still in good condition, you may only need partial replacement units. A partial replacement unit allows your original frame and sill to be used in conjunction with the new window.

On the other hand, if you have an old house and the integrity of the window frames and sills is deteriorated, you will need to replace the whole window. A full window replacement consists of purchasing


No matter how beautiful and sound the windows that you purchase are, they are only going to work well if they are installed properly. Use installers that work for the same company that you purchased your windows from. A licensed and certified installer that is familiar with the style and type of windows that you purchased is going to deliver the best results.

Making any new changes to your existing home can be an exciting and satisfying experience if things are done properly. Take the time to shop around and set a budget for yourself. A budget will ensure that you don’t fall in love with windows that you can’t afford. Once you’ve made you choice, make sure the windows are energy efficient so that once they are installed you can fully enjoy them. Last but not least choose installers that are licensed certified and familiar with the installation of your choice of replacement windows.