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How to Properly Stack the Empty Pallets?

If you are running a business and manufacturing unit, then you know the importance of pallets in transporting materials or products form one place to another. Pallet makes product transportation easy and also simplifies the business operation. It is not just enough to have right type of pallets for the business but you need to store these empty pallets properly so that they can be used again and again.

Never Stack Pallets Too High

According to OSHA standard 1917.14, “Cargo, pallets and other material stored in tiers shall be stacked in such a manner as to provide stability against sliding and collapse.” Maximum height of the freestanding pallet stacks should not exceed the mark of 15 feet. This 15-feet height does not necessarily mean that you are stacking the pallets properly if each pallet weighs around 30 – 70 pounds. It is recommended to avoid too much weight and height for a single stack of pallets as this may cause serious safety hazard.

Keep the Pallet Stacks Neat and Clean

The best way to stack pallets is to stack them horizontally. You should always stack same types of pallets in a single row. This practice also reduces your effort to sort out pallets while they are needed for transporting the products. Keep safe gap between two stacks of pallets. Don’t stack pallets haphazardly which increases the risk of toppling over. Never store pallets on their side or place them in between other objects as this may cause serious accidents while removing them.

Don’t Mix Up Sizes

If you are dealing with several types of pallets having different shape and size, then stack them accordingly. Stack same types of pallets in one row and assign another row for other type of pallets. Mixing different pallets on a single row increases the chance of accident as the pallets do not fit properly on their base. Never put the bigger pallets on smaller pallets as the bigger one can topple over any moment causing great damage. Lining up pallets properly not just minimizes the scope of accident but also saves loads of floor space and physical effort to sort them out.

Discard Damage Pallets

It is not at all a welcoming idea to keep the damaged pallets in your warehouse. Damage pallet has the inherent threat of damaging the products around them. Pallets with splintered sides or protruding nails frequently injure workers and sometime causes deep damage to the fresh products. In addition to this, damaged pallets can break anytime while transporting the products making loss of the product or unnecessary delay in transport. If you are not pretty aware of how to discard them, then call pallet management group which offers service for retrieving or recycling of damaged/unwanted pallets.


Pallet management plays a significant role in proper functioning of your business. If you don’t know how to maintain the pallets, you can hire a pallet management company to offer feasible pallet management solutions.