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How to Make A Small Room Look Bigger- Effective Tips

 A small, cozy, intimate room has a unique feel to it. After all, small is beautiful, practical, and easy to manage. But if you want to make the room look bigger, there’s no harm in that as well. With a few changes in your décor, you can easily achieve this feat. Consider these tips to make your small room look and feel larger without having to move the walls:

Do away with the clutter

Nothing can make a small space look more cramped than clutter. Getting rid of clutter and having an organized look is not an uphill task if you put your heart and mind to it. Start with picking out everything that doesn’t have a specific need to stay in that room. Then try to see if you can move out any furniture piece that you may not require there. Finally, keep the things left in the room in an organized way to gain an open and orderly view.

Let the light flow in

When it comes to making any space look bigger, light can play wonderful tricks. Any room, when it’s well-lit, looks large and bright. Of course, natural light is the best way to make this happen. But if your room lacks in natural light, you can compensate with artificial lighting. You can make use of various kinds of lighting options like lamps, recessed lighting, track lighting, etc. As long as the space is brightly lit, your purpose will be solved.

Go for light colored curtains

Curtains can come in handy when you want to maximize a small room. Go for light colored curtains that can make the space look more open. Hanging sheer fabrics on your window treatments is also a great idea as they allow light to pass through. One thing to remember is that dark colors often make a room look smaller. Even if your room gets enough natural light, dark shade curtains can give it a closed look. So, select your curtain color and fabric keeping these points in mind. You can buy great curtain fabrics at Clarke and Clarke curtain fabric online.

Make use of mirrors

Believe it or not, mirrors are a great way to make a room appear larger than what it really is. Not everyone likes to have a mirrored wall in their room. But you can always go for a large framed mirror and hang it as a statement piece. You can also put up multiple mirrors on a single wall to give it a quirky look while getting the effect of a bigger room at the same time. Use your creativity to make things happen in style!

Opt for a coordinated color scheme

Using contrasting colors in a small space tends to break up the look. Try to coordinate the color of your furniture and walls. This way the furniture will seem to be like blending with the space rather than standing out. Go for colors from the same color family to maximize the effect.