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How to Install a Decorative Pond

One way of making your yard look more decorative is to add a small pond. These ponds can include fish, have plants growing around them, and even feature a small fountain. They’re also not that difficult to install, even if you don’t have much landscaping experience. Here are the basic steps required to install a small pond.

Determine the Pond’s Location

There are a couple of things to consider when determining your pond’s location. First, you want to make sure there are no pipes or wiring in the area. You don’t want to accidentally damage anything when you’re digging. You may also need to be near an electrical outlet if your pond is going to need a pump or a filter. You may also want to keep away from any trees, since the roots can make it difficult to dig through, plus growing tree roots may damage your pond.

Dig the Hole

After you’ve determined the location, it’s time to dig the hole. If you’re creating a large pond, you may want to hire a small excavation vehicle to make this task easier. You’ll want to dig down at least half a metre deep to make sure your pond has enough depth to it. If you’re planning on planting flowers around the pond, you’ll want to leave a perimeter around the area, that’s not as deep.

Leave Space for a Filter or Skimmer

If your pond will include either a filter or a skimmer, you may need to create a space for them as well. You can learn where to position these pieces of equipment, and how deep they need to be positioned, by reading the instructions that come with them. You may need to look at various pond pumps to decide which one you want, and learn about the different equipment each type needs.

Put Down the Underlayment and Liner

Once you’ve created the space for your pond, and made sure that it’s level and free of debris, it’s time to put down the underlayment. Most underlayments simply unfold into the space. The flexible material allows you to shape it as needed. Once installed, you can trim off any excess. When that’s done, you install the liner over it in a very similar process. Leave some of the liner sticking out of your pond for the next step.

Use Rocks to Hold Down the Liner

Next, line the perimeter of your pool with rocks to hold the liner in place. This will hold it in place and let you create a decorative ring around your pond.

Install the Equipment

Next, install your skimmer, filter, and other parts of the pump. Make certain that you follow all of the directions on the equipment. If you don’t, the water in your pond may not circulate correctly. This can lead to the pond growing moss and the water turning a dark, unattractive colour.

Once all of that is done, you should have a functioning pond! All you have to do is finish it up by adding plants and other decorations around the area.