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How Roman Blinds Can Save on Your Heating

There are many reasons why Roman blinds are a great choice of window covering, from their stylish design to their ability to control light levels in a room, but perhaps one of the best reasons to investing in this style of blind is for insulation.

As the name suggests, Roman blinds trace their heritage back thousands of years to ancient Rome. They haven’t changed much since their inception, following virtually the same design from the days of ancient Rome, as the first Roman blinds were so effective there’s been little need to change them!

These original blinds offered relief from the hot, dusty climates of the Mediterranean, and today they offer similar benefits while also providing homes with the ability to better insulate heat as well. As a result, Roman blinds are now so effective at heat insulation that they could end up saving your money your bills!

The Importance of Blinds for Retaining Heat Indoors

Roman blinds, like any blind, offers a degree of insulation inside a room.

This is necessary because when heating is turned on during the colder months, the heat can still escape your home through the window. Not only that, but when warm air touches the cold surface of a window it cools the air, resulting in less warmth in the room, especially near the bottom of the window.

However, there’s a certain style of blind that is more effective, with blinds that feature slats such as venetian or vertical blinds being far less effective than non-slatted types such as Roman blinds.

How Roman Blinds Can Save on Your Heating

The first way that Roman blinds help to save on heating bills is by reducing the amount of heat lost through the window. By covering the window directly, it prevents much more air from escaping, allowing the warmer air to remain indoors and circulate the room.

Similarly, by providing a warmer surface for the air to contact, as opposed to a cooler pane of glass on the window, Roman blinds prevent a lot of the air inside a room from being cooled down.

As the fabric present on Roman blinds is key for this, the thicker the material the more effective it will be insulating the room. For instance, standard Roman blinds will be good at insulating a room, but if you opt for blackout Roman blinds that are made from a thicker material then you can expect more efficient heat retention.

Better still, investing in a set of thermal Roman blinds can make them even more effective insulators, allowing the chance to save even more on your heating bills.

By keeping a room warmer for longer, Roman blinds can help to reduce your reliance on central heating, meaning you could end up saving a fair amount of money by investing in them!