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How do I Get Hold of Some Carpet Samples?

Nobody wants to have a carpet fitted without having a closer look at the new carpeting to decide whether or not it is suitable and will look great in their home. Because of this fact, carpet manufacturers make carpet samples that are readily available to potential customers so that they can make an informed choice about the carpet they are looking at having fitted. There are a number of differing sources for these carpet samples, most of whom offer samples for free, just like paint manufacturers hand out paint chips for customer reference.

Most flooring and carpeting businesses have lots of carpet samples In Brighton on display, and they may be willing to give you samples to take home if you wish to compare carpeting colourings with current interior design schemes. And while some companies may occasionally encourage a customer to order from them, asking for such samples from a shop does not obligate a customer to order anything at all through that store, and customers may in fact get samples from many other shops to obtain a better idea of all options available.

For Those Who Know What They Want

Customers who know exactly what they want in carpeting from a particular company, can also ask for carpet samples directly through the manufacturer or a vendor who holds that manufacturer's carpeting. A number of manufacturers and dealers offer a limited number of free samples to customers, and in some cases, a potential customer can pay extra for additional carpet samples. The company may further send information about the full collection of all products that it carries, and it may even offer recommendations for particular carpet fitters as well.

One more option for getting carpet samples is through a carpet fitter or contractor. While contractors don't have showrooms with samples on display, they can sometimes keep swatches in their home offices, or may be able to obtain carpet samples from the companies they work with. By simply having a chat with a carpet company or a carpet fitter can also be a great way to get any product recommendations which will be based on experience with differentmanufacturers.

Another Source of Samples

An interior design business may also carry carpet samples, even though they may usually only offer samples to those people who have entered into an interior design contract with them. Some home improvement shops also carry stock carpet samples in their flooring departments for the benefit of customers who wish to check out their carpeting options, and they may also provide sample books which people can take home.

Potential customers should be aware that the full product line of a company is often not on display, so if they take a liking to a certain colour, company, or carpeting design, they may wish to ask for more samples or information.

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