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Features and Benefits of Steel Balustrading

The fashion of stainless steel balustrades has increased a lot among homemakers. It is because they are known to be the most reliable and durable material of all the other types. They are stylish, smart and just accentuate the overall look of the home. Whether you wish to add that wow-factor to your dream home or to your office, getting the steel balustrades installed can be the best option. The benefit of the contemporary steel balustrade is that, they are termite and fungus-resistant and they do not rust even in years to come. Good quality steel balustrades last longer, and they can be installed to match any home décor.

This article is a clear insight into the various features of steel balustrades and the way they are being used in modern times.

What is a balustrade?

Stainless Steel Handrails

If you are unaware of what is a balustrade, then here is the answer for you. A baluster is simply a molded shaft that stands on a unifying footing and supporting the coping of a handrail of the staircase. To make it more understandable, these balustrades are nothing but a low partition that is situated at the edges of the staircases or the bridges. Different strong materials are used to manufacture these balustrades in order to make them long lasting and more reliable. In the earlier times, these balustrades were used only for railings but today, they are being installed at swimming pools, balconies, porches, terraces and other places.

Benefits of steel balustrades

  • Durability- The steel balustrades are made up of very strong materials, which make them very durable and long lasting. It is always advisable to choose only rustproof and corrosion resistant balustrades. In addition to this, these balustrades acquire their attributes after they are galvanized. This simply means that they hardly require any maintenance and cleaning. Steel balustrading is much in vogue now, as they are widely available in many designs that can be customized as per the structure and interior of a house.
  • Customized- Here is the most fascinating part about steel balustrades. Yes, you can make them built according to your specifications. Whether you want them in sleek or slender design and want it to be done in ornamental finish, you can have it done all. The most important feature is their malleability that makes it possible to mold them in any architectural design and give it any shape. Thus, it means that you just need to make up your mind that what style you want and it will be ready for you.
  • Incorporating other materials- Balustrading offers an option of being used with other types of materials including timber and glass. Many a times, glass balustrades are supported with the steel railings in order to make them stronger and much more reliable. In a steel balustrade, you can also get wood and timber mixed. Most often, steel act as the railing of the balustrade while the timber is used for the handrail part.

Choosing the best steel balustrading company


  • If you are planning to get a balustrade installed at your place, then it is very important to hire the right company. You may come across various companies that claim to offer the best services but only end up wasting of your money and time.
  • Before choosing any such company, you must know about the reputation of the company and its past records. It should have dealt with various clients earlier and should be experienced in its respective field.

A good company will always also have an annual maintenance schedule for a certain amount of time to make sure your structure is strong and stable for the longest length of time. Make sure you keep these factors in mind, when a choosing steel balustrading for your place.