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Dining with Your New Luxury Vehicle

Owning a luxury car is more than owning a vehicle. The purchase of a luxury vehicle usually denotes a level of wealth which allows for certain life-extras, such as Country Club membership. Of course, just because somebody can accumulate enough to afford such as lifestyle, it doesn’t mean that they know how to dress for it.

When attending a Country Club, whether it’s for a business lunch and golf or social dinner, the fundamentals of Country Club dress code remain the same.

  • They say that shoes make the man. And this has never been truer when attending a Country Club. Any dirt or marking on your shoes is not allowed and can result in you being denied access. If you are dressing casual, look for a Lacoste Tennis shoe or similar. If you are dining in the evening, check out the Groupon Coupons page for CT shirts and pick up a simple matte-black wingtip or similar.
  • The theme of being clean carriers into your pants, however, more regarding the lines. Your pants should not be, in any way, baggy or poorly-fit. Pants should also have a belt and be kept at waist height. If you will be wearing social shorts, be sure they cut off above the knee and are a pastel color. Dining, of course, requires dress pants which sit all the way to the shoe. A plain black is all that will be required, and is actually preferred to anything more vibrant.
  • The color palettes continue into your shirt. Stick with a green or blue pastel polo shirt for anything social and for playing golf. For dinner, it will come down to the event. Your choices are between a shirt and tie, or a shirt and bowtie. If you are concerned at all that you will be under-dressed, choose to overdress.
  • Of course, it goes without saying, no matter when you will be attending a Country Club, you are going to need a jacket. A sharp tweed jacket is a great relaxed option which a traditional dinner jacket will see you through a more formal event.

With these tips in mind and your new car in the drive, you have the keys to a new lifestyle. So get out there and enjoy everything that you have worked hard to achieve.