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Cleanse your body and soul in the Japanese soaking tub

Bathing is something that people do on a regular basis. Soaking tubs or bath tubs make the bathing experience better. You can relax your mind and rid yourself of all the worries of the world. In Japan, soaking in their tubs is considered as a must - do ritual for most people. It is more than just simply washing off. It is something that they should do individually to be healthy and happy. For some people bathing is like a social activity. The Japanese soaking tub is known as Ofuro traditionally and is built differently as compared to the common bathing tubs.

Features that make it stand out

The Japanese soaking tubs or the Ofuro is built in such a way that you can just sit and relax yourself inside. They are usually deeper as compared to other bath tubs. You can sit inside and easily sink inside the tub with the water till your chin level. The temperature of the water is slightly hotter than what normal people usually prefer. This difference in depth of the tub and the temperature of the water is what makes the Japanese soaking experience unbelievably comfortable. Many Ofuro’s have an inbuilt elevated surface for the person to sit comfortably inside the bath tub. You will never find a toilet in the same room where the soaking tub is. The bath tubs are usually placed in a separate room with a changing area attached to it.

Other important aspects of the soaking tub

The soaking tubs are usually surrounded by floor tiles and tile walls. On one wall you will find a shower with a hose pipe. You will likely find a plastic or a wooden stool to sit on and most importantly a drain in between the shower and the tub on the floor. The drain is an important aspect in the room where the soaking tub is installed. It helps in eliminating any runoff from the bath tub and makes the room cleaner without any issue of water being collected on the floor.

Customize your soaking tub as per your wish

You can find these Japanese bathing tubs in various shapes and sizes although the traditional bathing tub is generally small and deep. You can customize it as per your requirements. They are designed in such a way that you can sit upright rather than lying down and this is the reason why most of these tubs come with n elevated bench seat inside the soaking tub.

Bring home a blissful bathing experience

In Japanese, bathing is cleansing of the body and the soul. Take the benefits of bathing in hot water and forget your worries as you soak yourself in the Japanese styled soaking tubs. Make your bathing experience blissful by installing an Ofuro in your home. This Ofuro can be the centerpiece of your bathroom. As you soak yourself in the neck deep warm water , you will rid yourself of the all the stress and anxiety. Cleanse your soul and mind and have a blissful bathing experience. Bring home the trending Ofuro and gift yourself a peaceful bath that you will enjoy every day.