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Choose Composite Entry Doors for Energy Efficiency and Security

The entry door to your house can make a statement with its colour and style. However, if you are trying to make your home more energy efficient, your entryway door can help make a difference. Selecting the right door can also help make your house more secure as well.

Insulated Doors

If energy efficiency is more important than appearance for you, then you need to have an insulated exterior door installed on your house. Although solid wood doors can be gorgeous, depending on the wood from which they are made and their design, they have very little insulation value. However, if you want your door to have the appearance of wood, you can choose a composite door which has a better insulation value and is available in several wood tones.

Composite Entry Doors

One reason a composite door is more energy efficient than a solid wood door is due to its thermal foam interior. Thermal foam ensures that the door will have six times the insulation value of a solid wood door, so you will notice a significant difference once it is installed on your house. The exterior of a composite door is made from several materials, such as PVC, wood, and GRP, or glass-reinforced plastic.

Unlike wooden doors, which can expand or contract depending on the weather, composite doors do not change with the weather, which means they won’t shrink or expand. Since they don’t change, they will never allow draughts of cold or hot air into the house as long as they have been properly fitted and installed. It is important to have professionals perform door installation in Harrow so the doors have a tight seal.

Along with being more energy efficient, not allowing draughts into the house means that your home’s temperature will remain consistent, so the boiler doesn’t turn on to compensate for cooler air coming into the house. The less your system runs, the lower your operating costs will be, but your home will still feel cosy. To maintain consistent temperatures in your home, any entrance into it should have a composite door.

Added Security

Of course, the security of your door will depend largely on the lock which is installed on it. A flimsy lock is not going to keep burglars out of your home, but if you put a good lock on it, a composite door can be very difficult, if not impossible to break into. When you purchase a composite door, ask about the locking mechanisms available and choose one with a cylinder which has been tested and found to be anti-bump, anti-snap, and tough to drill into.

Even though a composite door can be more expensive than many wood and uPVC doors, you can choose them in any colour or wood tone you wish, and they are very energy efficient and can provide the security you want and need for your family. You can even purchase a fire-rated composite door to help slow the spread of fire and protect your family. Composite doors are available in many different styles for every entryway into your house.