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A Glimpse on Suppliers of Top Quality Timber Flooring

Wood Flooring has been extremely popular and now it is opted for by many household. Wood flooring, not only gives a great look to your place but it is also durable, restorable and environment friendly. One of the common kinds of Timber flooring is Bamboo flooring, which is made from bamboo.

There are various Suppliers of Top Quality Timber Flooring in the market today who offer best quality timber flooring, which are favorite choices of leading architects and designers and these are made by word’s best plantation timber such as –Walnut, American Oak, Teak Holly Oak, and French Oak.  Suppliers of Top Quality Timber Flooring provides matching moldings, and trims. Thus, making sure the look of the place just looks elegant with unique matching pattern- ceilings, cabinets and walls, and other objects.

Types of Timber Flooring

Hardwood flooring also known as tongue or groove flooring system is highly durable and has lustrous looks and finish. It can be directly installed onto the floor or directly over concrete. If old wood flooring is present then it can be nailed on old wooden flooring. It is the most common and popular flooring system.

  1. Bamboo flooring-Bamboos are considered most durable and reliable. It has the highest strength when these are opted for in flooring. It is chosen over timber flooring because it grows faster than wood and is also economical than wood.
  2. Strip flooring- In Strip Flooring, wooden planks arranged parallel along grooved hardboards is used. It is laid parallel to the length of the room and gives the elegant look to your room.
  3. Parquetry-Parquetry is available in two styles mosaic and block. It is hardwearing and is arranged in different patterns and styles according to your choice. Different types of wood can be used such as blackbutt, alpine ash, Tasmanian etc.
  4. Laminate flooring-Laminate flooring is new to the wooden flooring system and gives the feel of wooden flooring. The benefits are that it is cheap when compared to wood, also it has high durability. It is not subjected to problems like cupping and contracting.
  5. Woodmosaic flooring-Wood mosaic flooring is similar to wood block as arranged in basket weaving patterns. The mosaics installed are indeed very small and these have a fine thickness. It gives a great look to your room and can be chosen so as to match with your room.

Maintenance of Timber Flooring

  1. Wipe up the spills immediately as liquid may harm the wood material used in flooring system
  1. Don’t use regular floor cleaners, Special Waxes are available in the market to soothe its shine and look.
  2. Wet mopping a wood floor should be avoided, as it can damage the floor and leave a discoloring leftover.
  3. Put protectors under the legs of furniture to avoid scratching and scuffing.
  4. Avoid walking on wood floors with sports shoes or high heels as it may cause a dent to the floor.
  5. While moving heavy furniture always lift it instead of dragging or pushing it, to avoid scratches and dents.

Advantages of Using Timber Floor

  1. Needs low maintenance and  requires late replacement
  2. Eco Friendly and highly durable.
  3. Provides great looks and is a beauty to watch when matched with other commodities in house.
  4. It is strong and durable and re-polishing will regain its original luster and shine.
  5. Good insulator.

Disadvantages of Using Timber Flooring

  1. Quite expensive than regular flooring systems
  2. Has to be handled very carefully and regular precautions to be taken for taking adequate care.
  3. It is difficult and time consuming to set up.
  4. It is slippery and hence is dangerous.

These are the above details about the suppliers of top quality timber flooring. There is various Timber flooring available in the market today. You can go through this link to know more details about it.